Backpacking Wilderness Survival

Spend the week sleeping under the stars, backpacking and learning to survive in the wilderness with minimal gear. Each morning there will be scripture study and each night there will be real firesides! This is a
great chance to experience the wilderness while growing closer to God and making lasting friendships!

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  • Shelter building: modern and primitive
  • Water: the art of finding and proper treatment
  • Fire making: bow drill, hand drill, fire plow, pump drill, flint and steal fires.
  • Flint knapping: stone knives and arrowheads,
  • Primitive weapons: bow and arrow, bone knives, addle addles and blowguns. Basket making
  • Food gathering
  • Edible and useful plants
  • Rope making
  • Primitive fishing
  • Traps and snares
  • Primitive glues
  • Animal tracking and identification
  • Primitive navigation
  • Constellations and stars
  • Hiking: backpack building and safe hiking

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