About The Director

Come Join One of WEFY’s Youth Trips

We are looking for youth who would like to strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father, while having great adventures in the wilderness. Because this is a pilot program there will be a professional videographer that will be following us!

Our Background

This program has been in the making for the past 15 years...

and, really, throughout my whole life. I grew up with a dad who took me camping and hiking in the mountains. Some of the times that I have felt closest to God have been while pondering in the wilderness away from worldly distractions. All things in the wilderness testify that there is a divine creator!

Since returning home from my mission...

I’ve worked with EFY, AFY and HEFY during the summers. This has given me a love for youth programs. I have a Masters Degree in Outdoor Adventure Programming. Currently I work as a full time teacher in St George, Utah. I am VERY excited to be able to combine my two passions: Wilderness and The Gospel!


Glen Andersen

Glen Andersen

  • Killer-Waterfall
  • Havasupi-Beaver-Creek
  • Havasupi
  • Escalante
  • Canyoneering-Zion-Keyhole
  • Canyoneering-Zion
  • Canyoneering-Benson-Creek-2
  • Canyoneering-Benson-Creek
  • Buckskin-Gulch-2
  • Buckskin-Gulch
  • What-Its-All-About
  • The-Good-Stuff
  • Thailand
  • Snowshoeing-2
  • Snowshoeing
  • Paddle-Boarding-Black-Canyon
  • Paddle-Boarding
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  • Lady-Mountain