Come and walk where Jesus Walked

Holy Land Tour + Petra, Egypt, and Rome!

Trip Dates

Jerusalem: July 20-30 

Petra: July 31- Aug 1st

 Egypt:  Aug 2-7 

Have you ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked? Join us on a once in a lifetime trip to the Holy Land where we will follow Christ’s life from birth, to death, to his glorious Resurrection! You will also have the option of going to see Petra, the Pyramids in Egypt and Rome!

We have teamed up with Anderson tours to bring you this AMAZING adventure! Anderson tours has been leading impactful Holy Land tours for the past 40 years. This itinerary has been handcrafted for over 4 decades on how to maximize our time in the Holy Land and it does not disappoint!

We will visit Gethsemane, see the tomb where some believe Jesus was buried, sail on the Sea of Galilee, Snorkel in the red sea, climb Mt Sinai, explore the pyramids in Egypt and so much more!

This trip is designed to help 16-19 year olds walk where Jesus walked and Connect with our Heavenly Parents! We would also like to invite parents to come along. If parents accompany their child on this trip they are welcome to bring other siblings as well! We would also like to invite young single adults to come as mentors on this trip. Mentors assist the guide in helping the teenagers come unto Christ. All YSA mentors will need to pass a background check.

How this trip functions is you will sign up for the Jerusalem portion of the trip and then you can either fly home after the 10 days are over OR you can join us the next leg of our journey! After every portion of the journey you can either continue on to the next country or you can fly home!! (We recommend staying for the whole 18 days!)

When you click on the register button it will take you to Anderson tours registration page. At their registration page select “YWE Holy Land Tour” and then fill out the requested information:)

Trip Price + Add Ons

Jerusalem:       $3,127 (July 20-30)

Petra, Jordan:   $880.   (July 31st -Aug 1st)

Egypt                 $1,987 (aug 2-7)

*Passport Required

*Trip Insurance Required

*Flight not included

*Lunches Not Included

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    Following Jesus’ life from birth to death in the Holy Land. If you continue with us on our journey we will visit Petra, the Pyramids, and Rome. (See below for a complete Itinerary)
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    Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt, and Rome

    Up to 20 girls ages 16-19 and 20 boys age 16-19. Parents and siblings are also welcome (ages 10+)

  • Holy Land Tour + Petra, Egypt, and Rome!
  • 20 Day
  • Food Included
  • Adventures Included
  • Flights are NOT Included

What to Expect...

Trip Itinerary & FAQ's

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    Day 1-2:   FLY FROM USA to TEL AVIV

    Today we fly from the USA to Tel Aviv. When we arrive we will go directly to the Mount of Olives for a view of ‘the Golden City’. We overnight in Jerusalem.



    Our morning begins with a visit to the place where Jews believe is the Center of the Universe and where the Spirit of the Lord resides with a visit to the Tunnels at the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. We view the Dome of the Rock, the Wailing Wall, etc. and discuss the past, present and future of that significant site for all three major religions: Jews, Muslims, & Christians. Next we will enjoy a unique walk through the flowing waters in Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Following lunch we will visit the unique historical museums in Jerusalem. The Israeli Museum displays the Dead Sea Scrolls and also features the very impressive miniature model of the city of Jerusalem in Christ’s day; The Model City. We conclude our museum visits with the sobering Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem. Time permitting we will enjoy the sights and sounds of Jerusalem by walking on the Old City Walls of Jerusalem on the Rampart. Next we will cross through ‘The Wall’ (20’ cement wall that separates Israel and Palestinian controlled land) and visit the traditional birthplace of the Savior in Bethlehem (Church of the Nativity). We conclude our day by visiting a local Shepherds’ Field near Bethlehem where we will review the account of the humble beginnings of the Saviors Life. In this setting we will review the Saviors Birth as well as consider Jesus as the ‘Good Shepherd’.  We again overnight in Jerusalem. 



    Today we consider Jesus and Mary during their teenage years as we visit Nazareth and the surrounding areas. We will drive up north and our first stop features the beautiful Mediterranean Seaand represents the spot where the first Gentile convert joined the Church and the Gospel spread to the world. Paul was imprisoned for 2 years here and also departed for his 4 historic missionary journeys. We will view the ancient theater and aqueducts before making our way north to Mount Carmel. On Mt. Carmel is a great view of the Jezreel Valley (Valley of Armageddon). From this vantage point we will discuss Armageddon, the 2nd Coming and the future of this Holy Land as well as reenact the remarkable story of Elijah and the Priests of Baal. Following lunch, near Carmel, we travel to Nazareth and from Mount Precipice we will have an amazing view of Nazareth, Mt Tabor and the surrounding area. We conclude our day with a visit to the Nazareth Village which will give a glimpse into 1st century life. We will overnight in the Nazareth area. 



    Today we spend our day seeing the sights and sounds surrounding the Sea of Galilee. We begin with a visit to a beautiful overlook of the Sea of Galilee on Mount Arbel. Next we visit the Mount of Beatitudes where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered. Lunch is a unique experience where those interested can enjoy St. Peter’s Fish. Next we visit Peter’s Primacy where we will discuss John 21. This afternoon we will visit Magdala (birthplace of Mary Magdalene) followed by Yardenit at the Jordan River (Jesus’ traditional baptismal site). We then drive around the Sea of Galilee to our Hotel. Checking into our Hotel this evening is a joy. Every room is only steps away from the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This evening you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening strolling on the Sea shores, or taking a dip in the Sea, etc.



    Today we explore more of the Galilee area where Jesus spent the majority of His ministry as well as some other significant scriptural sites. Our first adventure of the day is boarding a small fishing boat and crossing the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum. On our way we cut the engines & have a short discussion. On shore we’ll visit Capernaum. Next we will drive to the very north border of Israel where we will look over into Lebanon and Syria. We will enjoy a short nature hike to view the ancient city and alter at Tel Dan. Our next stop is at Banias, the ancient site of Caesarea Philippi, where Peter was promised to receive the Keys of the Kingdom and is declares as ‘the Rock’. As we bus our way home we will travel on the Golan Heights where we can look over into Syria. 



    Today we visit and consider the events leading up to the death of the Savior and the final days of His mortal ministry. As we make our way back to Jerusalem we pass through the Green Line and parts of the West Bank and will take this opportunity to discuss the current political situation, borders, and history. As we pass Bet She’an we will consider the ‘Fall of Saul’. We drive by Jericho and then make a stop at the Jordan River (Children of Israel River Crossing and Jesus baptismal site). Following lunch we will enjoy a quick visit to Qumran (discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and also have the unique experience of taking a float in the Dead Sea. You cannot sink! From here we make our way upto Jerusalem. We will visit Bethany and Lazarus’ Tomb and those interested will view how the orthodox Jews bring in the Sabbath at the Western Wall. We overnight in Jerusalem.



    This morning we enjoy Church Services at the remarkable BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. The view of Jerusalem during our Service is inspiring. On our way to lunch we will wander down the Mt. of Olives and pass thousands of Jewish graves, including those of the Biblical Prophets; Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi. We make a brief stop at the ‘Teardrop Church’ and then enjoy lunch in a unique local place near the Old City. We will then visit St. Anne’s which is the ancient site for the Pool of Bethesda. As we make our way back to the hotel we will be introduced to the shopkeeper that makes LDS scripture covers, necklaces, etc. and after dinner those interested can peruse olive wood carvings from the shopkeepers who have been making LDS Olive Wood pieces for over 30 years. We enjoy a relaxed evening and overnight in Jerusalem. 



    Today is one of our most significant as we venture through the wonders of the ‘Eternal City’ and retrace the events and sites of the final moments of the Saviors Life! We begin in the Upper Roomwhere the Savior held the Last Supper. From here we trace His steps to the Garden of Gethsemane (Church of all Nations). We next visit Caiaphas’ Palace (St. Peter of Gallicantu) where Jesus went before the Sanhedrin and where Peter allegedly denied Christ thrice. Following lunch we enjoy a stop at the Antonio Fortress (Jesus before Pilate) and from here we will follow the Via Dolorosa (or Path of Suffering), the path Jesus carried His cross to Golgotha. Next we will reflect on the burial & resurrection of the Savior as we visit the two possible sites for Golgotha & Calvary. First we visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher [believed site for many Christians] and then the Garden Tomb [where others feel is the true site]. We will discuss the crucifixion and resurrection of the Savior and the majesty of the final moments of His mortal life! We conclude our tour with one final visit to the Mount of Olives. From the Mt of Olives Jesus officially concluded His mortal ministry on that continent (Acts 1) and fittingly we will in similar fashion conclude our visits here as well. We overnight in Jerusalem.



    Today we will begin our journey south by departing Jerusalem and go “down by the borders near the shore of the Red Sea (1 Nephi 2:5) just as Lehi and his family. As we do so we will be traveling on the road from “Jerusalem to Jericho and will reflect on a certain parable (Luke 10). We will spend the rest of our day out in the historic Judean Wilderness. This is where Jesus fasted for 40 days, where John the Baptist spent his youth while avoiding Herod’s edict to kill all the infants and where he lived on locusts and wild honey. It also is the location of the Good Samaritan Inn as it is on the road that famous road that goes from “Jerusalem down to Jericho” (see Luke 10). It is also in the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We will enjoy some local hikes, repelling, & other unique and exciting adventures. We overnight in Jericho. 



    Today we will continue our route south retracing Lehi and his family and the events of the Book of Mormon as we depart the Jerusalem region and go “down by the borders near the shore of the Red Sea (1 Nephi 2:5). On the way we pass Qumran (discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and stop for a picture of the natural spring and waterfall at Ein-Gedi (where David hid from King Saul) and where we most always see ibex. We visit the majestic Masada and gondola to the top and reflect on its remarkable story. From here the group will divide; those continuing on will head southward and cross the border into Jordan (see below). Those returning home will make their way to the airport in Tel Aviv and begin their journey home. As we make our way to the Jordanian border we will discuss Sodom & Gomorrah as we drive through that remains of those ancient cities. We cross the border and make our way up to the fascinating city of Petra, Jordan where we will overnight.


    Day 12 :  FLY HOME!

    Those participating in the Israel Only portion will arrive at their homes today. 


    Jordan Option: 



    This morning we explore Petra, one of the newly voted “7 Wonders of the World.” We will walk down the narrow canyon to the breathtaking view of the Treasury, Petra’s most famous landmark. You will have time to visit this fascinating city carved from the cliffs of the canyon and experience some of the best ruins found anywhere in the world. Petra was once a great commercial empire with a long history, it is best known today as the lost city in the Indiana Jones Movie, The Last Crusade. Following lunch we will venture out into the wilderness and enjoy a Jeep Safari ride into the beautiful desert and conclude the experience by spending the night in tents in Wadi Rum where we overnight. 



    Those not participating in the Egypt Option will take a shuttle up to the airport in Amman, Jordan and begin their journey home!


    Those continuing on to the Egypt portion of the tour will cross 2 borders and make their way down to St. Catherine’s in Egypt. We will orient ourselves to our current surroundings (Red Sea) and review the account of the Exodus as we bus our way through the Sinai to our Hotel (Morganland Village) which is near the base of “Mt. Moses”. We will enjoy a relaxing evening reviewing the scriptural account of Moses and the Children of Israel in preparation for our climb up the ancient temple….Mt Sinai.


    EGYPT Option:



    We arise very early and enjoy a moonlight hike up Mount Sinai (Camels are available for those interested in the adventure). On top we will enjoy the sunrise and a very special meeting before making our descent. Once off the mountain we will bus our way to one of the very best locations for snorkeling and deep sea diving in the world…Sharm El Sheikh (Ras Mohammed). Arriving at this luxurious resort is a very welcomed experience following our early morning hike. We will enjoy all the amenities and comfort of this 5-star resort for the next day and a half. There will time for deep sea diving, snorkeling, swimming, reading, spa treatments, relaxing, etc. We overnight in Sharm. 


    Day 15:   RED SEA

    This morning we will continue to enjoy the Red Sea. Those who desire can enjoy some of the world’s best snorkeling & deep sea diving and those who are not interested in getting in the water can relax at the resort hotel which has several beautiful pools, a lazy river, spa options, para-sailing, boat adventures, etc. This afternoon those interested can participate in a 4 wheeling experience in the Sinai desert. Other options include a visit to Naama Bay for some shopping and night life, or one can enjoy retiring early and other various options at the resort. We once again overnight in Sharm.


    Day 16:   TEMPLES: (LUXOR & KARNAK)

    This morning we take a short flight from Sharm to Luxor. We will first enjoy lunch and then begin our exploration of Luxor where over 60% of the world’s ancient ruins are located. Today we will explore the sites on the East Bank of the river Nile. Our first site is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and is also one of the largest temple structures in the world; the Karnak Temple. You will truly be amazed at this 64 acre temple. Following dinner we will enjoy an evening visit to the impressive Luxor Temple. These structures are amazing and must be seen to be believed. You might even enjoy these experiences more than the Pyramids in Cairo! We overnight in Luxor.



    This morning we will explore the sites on the West Bank where we will visit one of the most intriguing spots in the world; the “Valley of the Kings” (burial spot for the Egyptian Pharaohs & Queens). You will marvel at the similarities in Egyptian and LDS beliefs and rituals! We will next take pictures of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Collosi of Memnon & Nobels as well as Pit Tomb #33 where the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price was discovered. We will next explore the Temple of Ramses III. Alabaster is mined near Luxor and we will visit a shop that specializes in hand carving alabaster items. This evening we will take a short flight to Cairo and overnight.



    Today we enjoy a full day touring the sites in Cairo! We begin with the splendor of the famous Pyramids & Sphinx. Those interested can go inside the Pyramid as well as take a camel ride (these have a small extra cost). From here we will make a visit to the Egyptian Museum and explore all the unique items there (including a Rosetta Stone replica and the opportunity to view real live mummies as well as King Tut items). This afternoon we will visit one of the largest mosques in the world; the Mohamed Ali Mosque. This evening we will enjoy our ‘last supper’ together with a short program followed by a short rest in our hotel rooms before making our way to the airport to begin our journey home.


    Day 19:   FLY HOME 

    Today we arrive at our homes and will be reunited with our loved ones!


    ROME Extension Option:  

    (Included; hotels, airport transports, entrance fees. NOT Included: flight from Cairo to Rome-this can very easily be added to your international flight itinerary. We use the Alitalia flight #895)



    We arrive early in the morning and make our way to our hotel to drop off our luggage. Next those interested will enjoy a visit to one of the more fascinating places in the world; the historical Vatican City. We will marvel at Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel and be in wonder at St. Peters Basilica.We will explore all we can and again take in some Italian Ice Cream (Gelato) and delicious Italian food. We overnight in Rome. 



    Today we will visit the area of the San Giovanni Cathedral, the Sacred Steps, Coliseum, and the Forum. We will also continue to enjoy some of the amazing sites in this historic city; the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piaza Navona, etc. This evening those interested in visiting the newly dedicated Rome Temple can do so. We again overnight in Rome.


    Day 21:  FLY HOME!

    Today we make our way to the airport and fly home to be reunited with our loved ones!

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    Each day we will be following Christ’s life in the location where he actually lived. After Jerusalem we will discover Petra, the Pyramids of Egypt and Rome!
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    Each morning we will begin with scripture study and each night will be filled with firesides. Our focus will be to help the participants learn how they hear God’s voice! Not only will each participant come home with an increased relationship with God but also with countless friends that will help them stay strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ
*estimated - trip day-to-day specific details are subject to change