"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear" - George Addair

Backpacking & Wilderness Survival Experience

When faced with what seems like a daunting task, panic is often the first response. This Backpacking Wilderness Survival camp is intended it to help you find the don't panic button in yourself. We will teach you the wilderness survival basic three; shelter, water, and food. This is a hands on camp where you will dig in and learn how to find food, make fire and build shelter in a mountain wilderness setting. This camp is intended for the beginner wilderness survival enthusiast.

Not only will we be learning wilderness survival skills but we will be focusing on growing our faith in God. We will do this by daily scripture study, ample time to ponder, firesides and journal time.

Trip Dates

Dates To Be Determined

-5 Day 4 night

  • where

    The Wilderness of Southern Utah
  • what

    Spend the week sleeping under the stars learning how to survive in a remote canyon in southern Utah! we will be camping, learning new skills and strengthening our faith in God!
  • who

    6-8 girls between the ages 15-19, 6-8 boys between the ages 15-19. 2 Counselors, 1 mentor, and 1 wilderness survival guide!

$750*$850 after Jan 1st
  • Backpacking Wilderness Survival Experience
  • 5 Day/4 Nights
  • Food Included
  • Adventures Included
  • Skills Included

What to Expect...

Trip Itinerary & FAQ's

  • may


    The weather at the end of May will determine the location of this trip. All of the chosen locations are in Utah. (If there is a lot of snow then the location will most likely be in Southern Utah.)
  • day


    We will all meet together on Monday morning and the counselors will help us get to know each other! The wilderness survival guide will then give a safety orientation and make sure every person has sufficient gear for the trip. After we are all ready we will leave civilization behind and enter the wilderness!
  • spiritual


    Spiritual Agenda: After this trip you will have more confidence in yourself, others and God. Each morning, the return missionary counselors will engage the group in a spiritual discussion. After the discussion you will have an hour of scripture study/ponder/journal time! One of the nights you will have the opportunity to build your own shelter away from the group and spend a night solo underneath the brightest starts you will ever see, just you and God! Each night there will be a fireside by an actual fire. (We will be learning how to make that fire with sticks!)
  • wilderness


    Wilderness Survival Agenda: Each day you will learn a new skill that will help you understand how to survive in the wilderness. Day 1 we will learn how to gather/purify water and set up shelters. Day 2 we will focus on fire making and traps and snares. Day 3-5 we will be refining our wilderness skills learned in the first two days and also working on primitive weapons, flint knapping, primitive fishing, food gathering, identifying edible plants, rope making, primitive glues, animal tracking, backpack building and safe hiking.

    At the end of the week your relationship with God will be strengthened, lifelong friendships will be made, and your ability to survive in the wilderness will have increased 100 fold! Join us in this once in a lifetime trip!

*estimated - trip day-to-day specific details are subject to change

Survival Skills Taught

  • Shelter building: modern and primitive
  • Water: the art of finding and proper treatment
  • Fire making: bow drill, hand drill, fire plow, pump drill, flint and steal fires.
  • Flint knapping: stone knives and arrowheads,
  • Primitive weapons: bow and arrow, bone knives, addle addles and blowguns.
  • Basket making
  • Food gathering
  • Edible and useful plants
  • Rope making
  • Primitive fishing
  • Traps and snares
  • Primitive glues
  • Animal tracking and identification
  • Primitive navigation
  • Constellations and stars
  • Hiking: backpack building and safe hiking