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Cataract Canyon White Water Rafting

Want to join 20+ other teenagers river rafting in the wilderness of central Utah? Want to experience the rapids in a raft and a kayak? Want to feel closer to God through scripture study, actual firesides, great hikes, scripture study and whitewater opportunities?

Cataract Canyon is one of the most famous and adventurous white water river rafting canyons in the world! Deep in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, the Green and Colorado Rivers combine forces to carve stunning canyon walls and create some of the biggest whitewater in North America. With no dams upstream, unregulated spring runoff can cause water levels to swell to epic proportions. House-sized boulders flushed into the river by debris flows create huge waves and impressive hydraulic features with names like “Satan’s Gut,” “Little Niagara,” and “The Claw.” The wild rapid section culminates in the “Big Drops” as the Colorado plunges over slabs of broken rock, coming to rest at a much lower elevation. No one soon forgets his or her first ride through Cataract Canyon!

Each morning there will be scripture study and each night there will be real firesides! This is a great chance to experience the wilderness while growing closer to God and making lasting friendships!

$50 tip for river guides not included in price.

Drop off is in Moab Utah a pickup is at lake Powell. A shuttle will be offered for an additional price.

Trip Dates

July 11th-15th

-5 Day 4 night

  • where

    Moab Utah
  • what

    Spend the week sleeping under the stars And traveling down cataract canyon in a raft! we will be rafting, camping, kayaking, and swimming!
  • who

    10-15 girls between the ages 15-19, 10-15 boys between the ages 15-19, 2 -3 trip leaders, 5-6 professional river rafting guides

$1,595*$1,695 after Jan 1st
  • River Rafting Experience
  • 5 Day/4 Nights
  • Food Included
  • Adventures Included

What to Expect...

Trip Itinerary & FAQ's

  • day


    Meet in Moab at 11:00 am. Your counselors will be there to help the group get to know each other. Following the getting to know you games the river guides will give us an orientation on river safety. Then We will eat lunch and then we will load up the boats and the get on our way! The first day includes a lot of flat water, which gives us more time to get to know each other, swim, relax, and take in God’s creations. We will pull into a gorgeous camp with plenty of time to set up camp and eat an incredible dinner prepared by the guides! After dinner we will have a fireside, games and spiritual conversation around the fire.
  • day


    After camping under brightest stars you may ever see, you’ll wake to a hearty breakfast followed by scripture study. Then we will load up to begin the day’s adventures. In between rapids, you’ll enjoy swimming, water fighting, sunbathing, getting to know the all the amazing people in the boat, exploring spectacular side canyons, hanging out on the beaches as we have lunch, initiative games led by return missionairies, marveling at the grandeur God’s creations, Munching on great camp food, searching for God in His creations and cozying around a fire to tell stories and bear testimony at the end of the day.
  • day


    On our last day we will relish in the last few whitewater rapids on the morning of Day 4 as we approach the take-out at we will relish in the last few moments on the boat and with each other as we approach Lake Powell to our take out at Hite Marina near Hanksville Utah. It is here where you will say goodbye to our new best friends, the amazing river and reunite with your families who will be awaiting your arrival.
*estimated - trip day-to-day specific details are subject to change